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How to Get Here

From the U.S., Canada and Europe, there are direct non – stop flights from many cities to nearby St. Kitts and a matter of a short taxi ride to the sea bridge which arrives nearby to the foot of Nevis Sands.

There are also four primary gateways to Nevis. Other than non-stop to St. Kitts, The most common route from the U.S. and Canada is through San Juan, Puerto Rico. And then non-stop from San Juan to Nevis directly.

Other connection points include Antigua, and St. Maarten. For connections in St. Kitts, you have the option of taking a scenic water taxi ride to Nevis using any of the water taxi services listed (see Getting to Nevis by Sea). No reservation is required.

Car taxi to the water taxi is a short 15 minute ride from the airport in St. Kitts, and the cost of the water taxi to Nevis is normally less than $10.00. No reservations are required.

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